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Interracial: Blackmailed

In this cartoon porn “Blackmailed”, my name is John and I am married to Julia, who is a petite woman, just 5 ft, 118 lbs, blue eyes, straight light brown hair and a beautiful face. She has a round breast and a tight hairy pussy forming a lovely triangle on her pubis. Julia is religious and is a high-class southern woman. She is a housewife and takes care of our children. When I am not with her, I watch interracial amateur porn all the time, specifically large black men fucking white petite women. So I thought up a plan: but before I need to confess that Julie had entered a fitting room to try a new bikini and she hesitating decided to rob the swimsuit. I do not know why she did this! Thus I told this case to Samuel. This guy, a huge black man, is the church janitor and people in the church say he has an exaggerated member – more than 10 inches. About the plan: I gave Samuel good money to blackmail her about her robbery. Then Samuel said to Julia that he would tell everyone what she had done if she were not “good to him”. The plan seems to be ok and now I just need to appreciate the show!