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Back of the bus


Interracial: Back of the bus

In this interracial porn “Back of the bus”, Marcus Bloom has been driving the Harvey Street bus for over 12 years and he knows every stop along his route. Every day Laura Deane picks her two children up from school and takes the journey home. She is well as the reverend’s daughter and the wife of a businessman. Laura has always sat at the front of the bus where Marcus is able to admire her. Her husband, Ricardo, likes other men looking at her, so he always buys sexy outfits for Laura. That day, Laura accepts to wear a short, tight dress to go out with her friends. Once again, Laura takes Marcus’s bus and to his delight, Laura takes her usual seat at the front. Marcus looks at her in a different way and Laura realizes it, even Marcus tells her she looks so good. So she argues with him and tells him that she will tell her husband everything. Laura tells Ricardo about her ordeal on the bus and he promises to solve this situation. But from where Laura expects a respectful decision, Ricardo is going to be the one that will help Marcus fuck her!

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