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Accompanying him


Cartoon Porn: Accompanying him to the Oscar

In this cartoon porn “Accompanying him to the Oscar”, Justin Strike is a typical playboy from Hollywood. Tall, good-looking, rich and powerful in the entertainment industry. Actors, actress, singers, film producers, directors… everybody knows him and loves him. But Justin knows how the things work in this business because he started in this industry years ago and was abused many times with several casting couches. He had his first starring role in the soft core pornography, an underground movie. But Justin has overcome it and now he is a big star. Now his role is the abuser because he takes advantage his status to fuck all girls that he wants. Once he knows those who need “a little help”, today his goal is to go to the Oscar after fucking the hot black actress/singer Sasha Fox!

If you want to see the second part “Accompanying him to the Oscar (Part 02)”, please click here.

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