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Accompanying him (Part 02)


Cartoon Porn: Accompanying him to the Oscar (Part 02)

In this cartoon porn “Accompanying him to the Oscar (Part 02)”, Justin Strike tells his friends who he wants to take to the Oscar, the amazing black girl Sasha Fox. His friends do not believe in Strike because Sasha is too much even for him, but the playboy wants her hot body and desires to fuck some black pussy. His friends know that she does not like white guys but it is what is turning him on. He gotta have her! Strike’s agent calls Sasha’s agent asking if she is interested in accompanying him to the Oscar. Sasha does not want to go with him because he is not good for her pro black image but her agent warns her about her catastrophic financial situation and Sasha accepts to go with him. Once in his limousine, Strike is straight, offering her some Crystal Champagne and touching her thigh. Sasha does not like his moves but a 10 million dollars for her to be the leading female role will make her change her mind?

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